Motivational Speaking

Bill did a great job and was incredibly easy and fun to work with.

We really appreciated his time and effort on fulfilling our requests and meeting with our team. 

Our attendees really enjoyed getting to meet him and hearing his story!

Ryan Maule, President -

Integrity Doctors

“It was a pleasure to host Mr. Lester as the keynote speaker at SEED Miami’s very first commencement ceremony.

As a trailblazer in his industry and a living testament to the power of following one’s passion and purpose, Mr. Lester inspired our graduates to break barriers and follow their hearts as they set forth in their collegiate studies."

Kara Locke, Head of School -

SEED School of Miami

Keynote Speaking Topics


Innovation is key to navigating and advancing in today’s society. It is no longer business as usual. Pivoting is the new normal. Reinvention, and the creation of newly developed strategies, processes, and methods is integral to both business competitiveness as well as personal achievement and growth. Bill thoughtfully provides insights to support these statements.


Bill shares personal stories of how persistence is integral to his personal achievement and success, just as it is to that of others. Persistence and determination are just as key. He shares examples of how utilizing different techniques that encourage perseverance can render obstacles once thought insurmountable to become attainable.


Whether it was attending a high school with a student body of 2600 students of which only a dozen or so were black, or being one of only a handful of black students to graduate a top university with an engineering degree, to working as one of the few black project managers in Silicon Valley during the high-tech boom of the 80’s, or driving race cars in the rarified air of NASCAR, Bill grew accustomed to typically being “the only one in the room”. He reflects on these experiences and how he navigated them to his benefit. He also speaks to the power of embracing diversity and how incorporating people of different backgrounds and experiences can lead to more effective and productive outcomes.


A critical component to utilize when attempting to accomplish common goals. Using examples from his background both in professional auto racing and corporate America, Bill cites how collaboration brings forth the best ideas and synergies. Teamwork fosters cooperation and incorporates different views, knowledge and experiences to arrive at optimal solutions to problems.

Treat your group or organization to inspirational stories that will motivate them to achieve their potential