Bill Lester: Author

The amazing and dramatic story of Bill Lester, one of the most well-known NASCAR drivers in history—and a pioneer whose determination and spirit has paved the way for a new generation of racers.

NASCAR has traditionally been a southern, white man’s sports, but it was knocked off its axis when Bill Lester entered the playing field. Bill did not grow up in the sport as so many other drivers had. He enjoyed racing as a side hobby while he worked as an engineer at Hewlett-Packard until, at the age of 40, and while standing on the brink of peril or promise, he quit his job to pursue racing full time.

Blessed with natural talent, Bill still had a trifecta of odds against him: he was black, he was middle aged, and he wasn’t a southerner. Bill was not the quintessential “good old boy” that NASCAR was used to seeing and many fans did not hide their contempt for him.

Bill Lester rose above it all, as did his rankings, and he made history time and time again, becoming the first African American to race in NASCAR’s Busch Series, the first to participate in the Nextel Cup and the first to win a Pole Position start in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

In Winning In Reverse, Bill reveals how he came to love working on muscle cars as a child, racing in the streets as a teenager, getting married, pursuing amateur racing and then finally transitioning to the pros. Readers will be inspired by Bill’s inspirational and encouraging voice and the conviction that fills each page.

Whether you are contemplating a career or lifestyle change, challenging social norms, or struggling against prejudice or bigotry, Winning in Reverse is a story for sports fans and readers everywhere about the power of perseverance in the face of adversity.

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Learn more by listening to the Not Old – BETTER Apple Podcast: Winning in Reverse Interview with NASCAR’s Bill Lester


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"As a 35-year NASCAR fan, I've known the name Bill Lester. What I didn't know was his story of perseverance and passion to follow his racing dreams in a sport that is underrepresented by minorities. Read about how he overcame hurdles and made the most of his opportunities at each step to reach the highest level in NASCAR - Winston Cup!!! Given ample opportunities, he could have been the "Tiger Woods of NASCAR" - something sorely needed. But this is much more than just a book about a black driver trying to navigate obstacles in racing. After each chapter, Bill offers a life lesson that he learned along the way that anyone can apply to their own personal or work life."
Cheryl S.
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"Bill Lester’s story is for everyone. Whether you are someone just starting out your life and career or someone a bit more mature facing a pivot, Bill details the key steps to finding your passion and then having the courage to pursue it. The book follows Bill’s ups and downs both on and off the track and offers hope, optimism and triumph from someone who risked it all to live in his destiny."
Susan T.
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"I really enjoyed this book. It was so well written, that I felt I was on the ride with him. This story is very inspiring. It was very interesting to see what NASCAR is like from the inside. I highly recommend this book."
Charles Y.
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"Well written and interesting read. The book gives an inside view of the struggles of Bill Lester as a driver trying to crack into NASCAR and the challenges to stay in the game. It isn’t just a fat resume. Lester writes about what he did well, and where he fell short. A true human story showing the challenges we all face when trying to succeed. As a white reader, it also provided an opportunity to glimpse the perspective of a black man trying to make it in an historically all white sport. A page turner and an eye opener."
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"Bill Lester's life story is an inspiring one of perseverance, determination, passion, and drive. The themes of resilience, breaking barriers, and a "never too late" spirit leave the reader in awe of his accomplishments. Although told through the story of his career, his advice and reflections are transferable to anyone in any industry. He writes "I hope my story will resonate with you and inspire you to live out your dreams" - it did just that!"
Reader in NJ
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"I have been reading this book to my 11 year old for the past few weeks. This book is so well written that I had to break out a highlighter. So many life lessons being taught that aligned with everything I was trying to tell my son is important to building character. My son wants to be a race car driver and a car designer. This will help him understand what is involved and the type of skills and discipline required. A must...must have book."
Jason D.
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"I honestly just wanted to read a book written by a friend and former co-worker. I didn't realize the book would be an amazing motivational guidebook. As well as very relatable growing up story of having the racing spark while being from a non-racing family. As well as great stories from the perspective of the racer. As well as an interesting first-hand take of a very interesting time for the sport, our society, and our country. And many, many other as well..."
Michal P.
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"Cover to cover couldn’t put it down. Eye opening insight."