Dinner with Racers: Bill Lester

Bill Lester is probably best known for his groundbreaking role within NASCAR, known as the first African American to earn a pole position in the Truck series as well as compete in a full season of NASCAR. What makes Bill such an interesting story, however, is his origins leading to this.

Off-Field Players Podcast with Phillip Hall Featuring Bill Lester

In this episode of the Off-Field Players Podcast, we do our third informational interview with former racecar driver, @walesteriii. Bill Lester, born in Washington, D.C. but spent most of his life in my hometown of Oakland, California has always dreamed of wanting to be a racecar driver. However, his career didn’t start in racing.

Racing Refresh: Bill Lester Interview

AJ meets with veteran race car driver Bill Lester. His success in motorsports is noted as a man who can survive various disciplines of the game. While it was not discussed during this interview, he was writing his memoir at this time. (Originally Recorded in Fall of 2018).